Success Stories

Success Stories

I have had much less pain or discomfort in my low back especially after doing more strenuous activity which normally would strain my back and cause me to be inactive. I was able to take a 13 hour trip in the care and not experience soreness. I call this progress for me! In the past these activities would leave me on the couch with ice on my back and now I can continue on with my daily routines.


I appreciate all the excellent care and guidance that I've been given. My symptoms have been significantly reduced.


I love how Dr. Judy educated me on my first visit. I didn't feel rushed. There is enough time assigned for me and the doctor. The office is simple and comforting, warm, and clean. The initial series of appointments are good. I love the adjustment sessions especially before going to work, I feel good most of the time. Communicating with the doctor and staff are very efficient. I will definitely refer people that need Chiropractic treatment.


I made a decision a couple of weeks ago to go to the Chiropractor instead of getting my Allergy Shots. I made the decision because I didn't want to have Allergy Shots anymore and I've seen good things happen to my brother since he started going to a Chiropractor. When I go to Dr. Judy she lays me down on the table and pushes my back on this table. Then I turn over on my back and she adjust my neck by twisting my neck. When I leave I feel GREAT like I could fight a tiger. When I left the allergist I feel like a helpless mouse.

Randy (age 10)

Since beginning treatment, I no longer suffer from chronic neck and shoulder pain. My mobility has significantly improved.


When I first came to Dr. Judy, I was experiencing moderate pain in my mid-lower back nearly all the time. I just couldn't get comfortable! After 7 months of various stages of treatment, I have received virtually total relief.


Dr. Judy's chiropractic care has kept me and my family healthy and free of most illness for many years. I have had only one sinus infection since getting regular adjustments, and my children are seldom sick with colds. My lower back does not ache anymore. None of my family have contracted the flue since seeing Dr. Judy. We are thoroughly pleased with her care and commitment to our families health!


I feel chiropractic with Dr. Judy has helped me to maintain the symptoms of my Crohn's Disease. Chiropractic has helped me to keep my CD in check.


Fatigue is much better now that back is doing better... sleeping better. Also have lost 22 pounds using cleanse and weight maintenance program.


Ashburn Family Chiropractic is a very friendly, caring place. I am thankful for the time taken to Cleary explain what Chiropractic is about as well as the patience to help me understand insurance related issues and financial options. I love coming here. The only thing that is difficult for me is the schedule, though you ladies have always helped out for me to be able to make it.


I first started coming in the Spring of 2013 during the beginning of my pregnancy. Dr. Judy helped me so much with my back pain and my allergies. She also helped to prepare my body for a successful labor and delivery of my healthy baby boy!


In the period after an auto accident Dr. Judy's care, concern, and advice were key in my response to and recovery from the accident.


My lower back feels better compared to how it was when I first came in. Also having good posture when I stand, sit, or bend really helps take away some previous back pain. So glad Dr. Judy has been able to help me with my back pain!:) Also, my headaches/ sinus pressure are not as severe and I get them less frequently now. The sinus treatment and other herbs/natural remedies have helped to alleviate some pain too. Thanks for helping me feel much better, I am definitely glad I started coming to your practice! 🙂


My back doesn't bother me anymore, especially because I sit a lot at work. Dr. Judy always adjust me and I am good to go. Whenever I have other issues, I always look to Dr. Judy to remedy it. I feel healthier and stronger than ever!


My back has hurt consistently for years. The past week I have finally gotten relief and am not as sluggish and tired.


Yes, my expectations were low concerning the validity of Chiropractic care, but I understand the principles and ideas behind it. After treatment I have realized it has been very beneficial to my health.


I didn't know I was clenching my teeth so hard while driving in traffic, that it was causing my jaw to hurt. Dr. Judy adjusted my jaw & cheek muscles and I am making an effort to relax my jaw while driving! What a difference!!


Ashburn Family Chiropractic has been a very down- to - earth, caring staff. I have found significant relief in my neck and back pain in the matter of a month. I have enjoyed every appointment!


Significant relief from lower back pain.


Excellent staff. Very efficient, friendly. Best part is seeing progress, Even when it's baby steps, you know you're into something bigger + better.


Everyone is helpful and makes you feel comfortable. I feel that during my relief care I have felt better, stronger, and able to do some things I had problems with before.


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